Uncle ACE (Kindness REMIX feat. Robert Owens).

Scenes of my hometown & where I grew up in Ilford, Essex.

Directed by Adam Bainbridge
Camera by Phil Thompson
Edited by Adam Bainbridge and Jeff Sternberger at 2150 Editorial


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I’m on a plane flying to L.A from New York right now.

I remember making this same journey 4 years ago. At a point in my life where I didn’t really know many people in L.A, and if I did.. they were nothing more than acquaintances.

At this moment in time, I knew that Peaches had moved from NYC to LA. As soon as I landed I called her.

We met up for what would become tradition in her stint in Los Angeles & my back and forth from New York, we ate burgers. I’m serious, this was really the first thing we’d meet up and do every time, no questions asked.

Although there was one time where before we ate, she’d convinced me to buy a pack of porno playing cards to do magic tricks for her, i obliged, I was heavily into magic at the time, what more can I say?

It’s funny that this would be the memory ringing in my head right now. There are plenty of memories growing up & coming of age in London with her, my dear friends Fifi, Fred and the rest of the gang. Even when I first moved to New York 7 years ago, and she’d also just moved to NYC with her good friend Lily, who in turn became a very close friend of mine, I didn’t really live anywhere at the time & I would spend every day in their apartment. But for some reason right now the memory of LA sticks out.

Obviously because i’m on my way there now, I guess, but i’ve really struggled to put into words how I’ve been feeling, i’m sure we all have. Nothing I could write, say, or any pictures I feel can really, truly convey the loss we are feeling right now…

This is someone who affected so many of us, my friends, in our lives. It’s a struggle to picture a moment in time without her. Just last month while playing shows in London I remember the delight of seeing her and Fifi together, just like old times. We quipped about it, a little older, but still babies in the grand scheme of things.

But really, she had grown so much,  we all watched her grow, and create a beautiful family with Thomas. My heart goes out to him, and the rest of her family. This is just so unfair… it’s made me physically sick..

I don’t have much more to say, i’m still in shock over this. I just wanted to try and honour her in some way…

We love you Peaches.

Rest In Peace.

Taken by Samantha Urbani.

Here’s the theatrical trailer for “Palo Alto” the directorial debut by Gia Coppola which I composed the score for.
Starring James Franco, Emma Roberts, Jack Kilmer & Nat Wolff.

See it in theaters May 9th.

The early days of Blood Orange. 2010?

My Book Curation For The TED2014 Conference.

As well as being invited to give a TEDTalk Lecture/Performance last week in Vancouber, I was also asked to help curate their book store for the event. Below are my book selections along with a link & a little info about each choice. Enjoy !

Formalized Music: Thought & Mathematics in Composition (Harmonologia Series, No 6) by Iannis Xenakis.

Fleeing from World War II torn Greece to become an illegal immigrant in Paris. Xanakis got a job as an engineer & architect. From there his interest in music sprung and he applied the same techniques in regards to architecture to his music compositions. With breakthrough scores shattering any pre conceived notion about music and it’s links to math.

This book is a prime collection of theories & techniques from one of the greatest avant-garde composers to have ever been.

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Just delivered my lecture / performance on composition & synesthesia for TED Talks conference 2014 in Vancouver, very honored. I hadn’t been that nervous since high school. Altogether, an intense, inspiring week in Vancouver. I heard some very inspirational talks and met some amazing minds.

Side note, I also helped curate their book store for the conference, I’ll post my book list soon.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favourite photographers Jeannette Montgomery Barron. Her book SCENE is incredible and highly influential to me. She took this picture while we were in Washington Sq. Park. NYC. March 2014.



LE1F - Letting Loose On Letterman (GIF)


Watch Le1f perform live on Letterman with a live band lead by me. Enjoy ! 

I will be giving a TED talk of my lecture/performanceComposition & the Synesthetic Sense" at the TED Conference 2014 in Vancouver on 20th March. I also helped curate their book selection for this year. For exact times and schedules of the conference click here.

Photo taken by Samantha Urbani.

Taken by Daniel Shea during the FADER Cover shoot.


Arshile Gorky's Garden in Sochi (c. 1943)

Thank you to everyone who came out to the two London shows. They were my first in a few years. Felt great to be back in the city. Much love to my band. Huge thanks to Skepta for coming out and performing “High Street" with me for the first time.